It’s so hard to talk people when you know your views don’t match up with theirs. And when they give you the advice that you knew they would, how do you explain that you don’t agree with them?

Here’s an analogy:Jared wants to buy a new computer and he wants to find out which operating system is best. He goes to an Apple store and asks the sales rep. He tells him that OSX is the best and that he should buy a Mac. Next, Jared goes to Best Buy and asks the sales rep there. He tells him that Windows 8 is the best. Finally Jared asked a friend who is a developer and he tells him Linux is the best.

Now one of those is going to fit Jared the best because of his preferences and habits but everyone just told him what the best to them was. If Jared said of one of those “I don’t like that way that…” or “I don’t think it’s good because…” then they would just try to convince him he’s wrong.

So how do you talk to people about your methods and ideas without being looked down on or told you’re wrong? How do you explain to people that you’ve studied and researched and this is what lines up the best with your values and worldview? Why can’t people just accept that you follow a different path and that maybe that path is the best one for you? No one wants to be wrong, so they just treat everything else with bias and avoid re-evaluating their methods so they don’t have to admit that something else might be better.


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