Is this Church?

So we’ve been in America for about 3 weeks now and have been to 4 different churches. I can’t hardly recognize church anymore. I guess I’ve just been gone to long but it seems like Sunday mornings are like a presentation more than worshiping. Everything is done in a flashy way and with lots of media and visual aids. I’m not saying those things are bad but I think there is too much emphasis on how the message is delivered and not enough on what the message is. I know it’s important to catch and keep the attention of people but lets not distract them from hearing the Spirit.



Why do you go to church? Why do you read the Bible? Why do you pray? Why do you give tithe/offerings?

If your answer to these questions was ‘because the Bible says to’ or ‘because that’s what Christians do’ then you may be missing the point. Continue reading


So, I haven’t written on here for a while now. Partly because I haven’t had much time to write and partly because I don’t have much to write about. There are many things I don’t really feel comfortable writing about because I don’t want to spark a debate that could possibly get heated (not that many people read this). Like me, many people feel very strongly about their convictions and would defend them in a second if someone challenges them. But there are some issue that I know I’m fighting a loosing battle because the world has so engrained them into our culture that people cannot accept that they could be wrong. And so much history and research has been tainted that it’s almost impossible for them to believe the truth.

It’s a lonely feeling when nobody shares your opinions.


Our family celebrated our first Passover tonight with a Seder meal. It was very interesting and very fun. There is a lot of ritual in it, which I’m not used to, but cool to think that I am celebrating a holiday the same way Jesus did. It was also interesting looking at the history of the Passover and the connection between the sacrificed lamb in the OT and Jesus, the Lamb of God.

One thing I really liked is that the whole purpose of the holiday is to teach our children about how God takes care of us. And even though Ari cannot fully understand the symbolism yet she knows that it’s a special day to think about God. Before going to bed she asked me to tell Beamer (our cat) that today was a special day, that today was the Passover day.

Even the preparation was fun. First of all learning about the holiday together with my wife was very special. And also planning the meal and getting everything ready together was nice.

Oh, and now I can sing a song in Hebrew! Awesome!


This weekend we will have the privilege of attending a Sa lar new years celebration. We went a couple of years ago but this time it will likely be bigger and we’ve also been asked to sing a song in their native language. We can’t speak the language but we’ve been working on a song all week and I think it will go well. I will also be accompanying on guitar which is difficult as well because the rhythm and timing of their music is very different than western music.